Deep and profound brain things inside my head

Indian mangoes are better than Pakistani mangoes.

Create memorable experiences.

Figma has peaked

We're turning into pixel pushers again.

Your life is scrolling by

Infinite scroll is a nefarious UX pattern.

The Messy Middle

Dreams are cheap.

White skin matters.

Desis are mad racist.

I bankrupted my multimillion dollar business.

Operating the first escape rooms in North Jersey.

Catnip for Builders

Tinder for knowledge.

I don’t want my designs to accidentally kill people.

Building digitally is a lot less stressful

I don't hang out with poor people.

And that’s a problem. It makes me less grateful.

Design has an identity crisis.

Our primary job is to visualize possibilities

Working in-person has its benefits.

Plan in person, execute remotely.

Let me feel insignificant, dammit.

Solar eclipse 2024

Scale is a dirty word.

If it only benefits a few.

It's ok to slip.

As long as you get back on track.

Why I write publicly.

Confronting my two biggest fears.

The design process is broken.

Map it out.

Can you retire with $90,000?

Yes. Live small.

Your ideas are bad.

Creativity: generate a bunch of ideas, then pick the best ones.

Design is dead.

Dashboards are the future

3 powerful words for a designer

Unlock your design influence

I was perfect.

My framework for growth

Wtf is strategy?

Make good bets on solutions

I will judge you for your messy design files

Think in prod, not in pixels.

Customers don't care about your documents

It's cliche, but, solve customer needs

Your brain sucks at remembering things

Let your second brain do it

Should designers code? (AI edition)