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Should designers code? (AI edition)


Designers create myths. Our ideas only become real in code.

But making real software takes time. And designers are good at exploring lots of software ideas fast.

Figma reflects this speed. But its newest features will slow us down. Variables? Cool. Prototyping with Conditionals? Super cool. It’s so darn close to coding, but it’s not code. These features have a steep learning curve, and they add extra work to maintain design files. It would be better to learn real code instead.

And Figma still can’t simulate typing in text fields! 🤷

Designers need to understand the materials they work with. For software designers, that’s code. AI has made coding accessible. And fast. Prompt a comp and out comes a fully functional prototype. It’s time to take the fidelity of our ideas up a notch, but not in Figma’s half-baked concept of coding.

Sketch in pixels, iterate in code.

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